What Are Building Standards?

British Standards are the standards produced by The British Standards Institute (BSI) Group which is incorporated under a Royal Charter.
British Standards are defined as:
“The formal consensus standards as set out in BS 0-1 paragraph 3.2 and based upon the principles of standardisation recognised inter alia in European standardisation policy.”
Since its foundation in 1901 as the Engineering Standards Committee, the BSI Group has aimed to standardised materials in order to make British manufacturers more efficient and competitive.
BSI Group Aims:
•    develops private, national and international standards
•    certifies management systems and products
•    provides testing and certification of products and services
•    provides training and information on standards and international trade and
•    provides performance management and supply chain management software solutions
As Britain integrates further with Europe more and more British Standards are being substituted or replaced with European Standards.


It helps to ensure a constant high quality standard across the board which the industry can trust. Having a consistent standard can assist with keeping costs down and safety profiles high. The construction industry is always changing, for example, recently there has been a big environmental push, both in materials used and the building.


Copies of British Standards are available to buy online or subscribe to, though most libraries have access to the BSI catalogue.

This is a brief introduction to British Building Standards, what they are, where they can be found and some examples.