Materials with a low 'Embodied Energy'

Straw-bale insulation is a natural insulation that has low embodied energy. The advantages of straw-bale insulation include the renewable nature of straw, cost, easy availability, and high insulation value. Although using straw-bale insulation consumes less energy than other conventional insulations in the extraction and manufacturing process, it has its disadvantages, which include susceptibility to rot, potential danger from flammability and high space requirements for the straw itself.


Sheep’s wool insulation provides excellent insulating properties whilst reducing the impact on the environment. It is suitable for insulating rafters, joists and timber studs in timber wall construction. Sheep’s wool provides a degree of humidity control that helps moderate temperatures throughout the year. They are non-allergenic and non-toxic. Being a waste product from renewable sources, it is recyclable and reusable, if in suitable condition.