Unless stated otherwise in the project specification all structural steel products shall conform to the relevant, British Standards in Table 1.

Through thickness properties

In the areas shown on the project drawings, the material shall be tested for through thickness properties to the specified quality class in accordance with BS EN 10164.

Inspection and testing

Structural steels for use in design conforming to BS 5950-1 shall receive specific inspection and testing in accordance with the relevant product standard.

A manufacturer's certificate of test and inspection shall be issued conforming to BS EN 10204, stating the process of manufacture and giving the product grade, the ladle analysis and the results of each of the mechanical tests applicable to the material supplied. The certificate shall indicate the numbers or identification marks of the product to which it applies, corresponding to those on the material supplied. In the case of sections with flanges, the certificate shall indicate whether the sample for test purposes was taken from the web or the flange.